What if I told you the promise of an overnight fix just doesn't exist?


The moment you realise this, everything changes.  


We evolve over our lifetime, now the pressure is off, we get chance to align to our true desires.

And it's not a case of focusing on when they happen.

It's about making them happen regardless of time.

Because time is a man made concept.

The Universe doesn't understand this.

We make it happen, always.

This is our journey to 5-Figure Months.

No matter what.



Here's what's included:

PROFIT$: Discover how to create profits, learn about pricing you celebrate, learn how to create offers that sell, how to create content, about the power of one, how to manage your money when you have it, investing and how lack could hold you back.

PIONEER LEADERSHIP: Learn why your voice matters, how to tell your story, how to get rid of imposter syndrome, how to increase your confidence, how to show up on social media and why authenticity matters.

SCALE IT: Learn how and why systems can help you, what it takes to grow and scale, how to lead others, how to get to be a coach and mentor.

MIND MAGIC: ​ Learn the psychology of you, discover your strengths, your values and how positive psychology can help you, discover about being in flow and why gratitude matters.

CONNECTION: Discover how relationship building can help your marketing, why you should be showing up on social media, how to communicate with your audience and why you shouldn't be afraid to be vulnerable.



AWAKEN: Discover your zone of genius and your vision, replace your income with your passion, learn how to stay in your lane and how technology can help you.



THE CALIBRATION CONNECTION: Learn about feminine energy and self-leadership, learn how to set standards and boundaries, how to embody what you have learnt and why being intentional matters.



EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Learn how to understand your own emotions, discover why forgiveness holds so much power and how to navigate others' emotions to build lasting relationships.



THE ALIGNMENT CODE: Find out how to balance it all, about habit stacking, how to be more organised, how your thoughts, feelings and actions are connected and how to stop procrastination.



PSYCHOMETRICS: Discover more about your strengths, your values, your best self, your personality type and your human design.



HALO: Learn how to recognise burnout, how self care can help you and why you could be moving more and becoming more mindful.



THE POWER/PRESSURE PORTAL: Learn how to navigate your fears, how to become more resilient, how to break through the glass ceiling and how to handle failure.



THE FREEDOM KEY: Learn 4 hour days, quality of life, time discipline and how to live the life you desire.


12 LIVE Modules


12 LIVE Q&A's


12 Months of Access

12 Months of Support

VIP option is available:

Private 1:1 Call Every Month

All held within a Private Group


Nikki Hanson is the founder of the Pioneer Femme brand.  She is known for her unique fusion of feminine energy, psychology and lead:hership.


But this isn't where her story began...


After a burnout left her unable to work for almost a year, in a toxic relationship and grappling with infertility.  She knew her masculine energy corporate career was making her sick and was no longer aligned.


Since 2018, the company has generated 500% growth serving women around the globe and is now celebrating the creation of the Pioneer Femme brand.


She celebrates her clients who calibrate to 5-figure months and beyond.  She also celebrates their lives outside of their work resulting in wealth in their bank accounts, their relationships and their health.


She believes that combining these elements is a positive force for the globe.


And Pioneer Femme exists to be the vehicle that supports this.

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  • 1 LIVE Module Every Month

  • ​1 LIVE Q&A Every Month

  • ​Private Facebook Group

  • ​12 Months Access

12 Instalments



  • 1 LIVE Module Every Month

  • ​1 LIVE Q&A Every Month

  • ​Private Facebook Group

  • ​12 Months Access

  • ​PRIVATE 1:1 Call Every Month

12 Instalments





How does the program work?

The modules and Q&A's will be delivered live along with being recorded for you to be able to rewatch them at your leisure. These will be delivered within the Facebook group or over zoom.  There will be a focused module delivered per month and a focused Q&A for each module along with workbooks to enable you to implement and integrate what you have learnt!

How long can I access the program?

You will have access to the material and the recordings for 12 months.

How much time should I set aside?

Each training and Q&A will be delivered live.  There is the private Facebook group where all of the replays will be held.  Then there's the time to implement and integrate the learnings.  The more time you spend integrating what you learn, the more depth you will get from the training. 

How does the VIP Option Work?

You will get a private 1:1 coaching session every month as well as complete access to all of the program materials, the Q&A's and the recordings.  

Do you have a payment plan?

There is a monthly payment plan available.  We ask that you factor in the full payments for the year as there is no option to leave the program early. 

When do we start?

This is an evergreen  program which means you can join anytime! The program runs for 12 months from when you join so you'll get access to all of the modules anytime.

Email us at hello@pioneerfemme.com with any other questions!

Pioneer Femme can not and does not make guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.  You recognise and guarantee that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings or that you will earn any money with respect to your purchase of Pioneer Femme products, and that we have not authorised any such projection, promise or representation by others. There are no guarantees of results or future earnings.