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What's Your Superpower?

I was sat at work doing a job I’d been forced to take

They said if I didn’t take my bosses job then I may lose mine as they had to make one of us redundant

So I took the job!

As I was in the midst of relationship hell outside of work my confidence was at an all time low

So I didn’t even ask for a pay rise!

This job was 80% more work
What's Your Superpower?

I now managed 16 staff instead of 2 and some parts of the job I really disliked.

So I was stuck in a job that just wasn’t for me

I went into work every day and thought and felt that I wasn't good at any part of my job anymore

But I knew because my life was in tatters outside of work I HAD to make this work as best as I could

So my plan was to focus on the parts of the job I loved which was my team

Rather than them focus on what they weren't good at, I got them to find out what their strengths were

I then put these on our teams wall and we got really good at knowing what we were good at (and what we weren't)

I moved some peoples jobs around based on what their strengths were

And you know what happened?

We became a force to be reckoned with.....!

WE were the team everyone looked up to

WE were the team that was focused, efficient and always got the work done

WE were the ones who pulled together when we were struggling as individuals

That team alone got me though one of the darkest times in my life outside of work.

Knowing what I was good at helped me focus on what I was good at rather than what I wasn't

Knowing my strengths helped me become unstuck


I used my superpowers!

I used my strengths every single day and my team did the same

What is it you are good at?

The issue is we're brought up in life and work to focus on what we're NOT good at

Well my mission is to change that

Positive Psychology helps us to Flourish and one of the ways to flourish is to use your strenghts.

I saw my team flourish back then and I saw myself flourish.

Every client I start working with completes a strength analysis

This gives them their strengths in order of what they're the best at

Your Top 5 Strengths are your superpowers!

You should build them into your daily life and work

And if you don't?

This might be why you're feeling unsettled or unfulfilled in life

How do you find out your strengths?

The good news is that you can do this FREE online

Go on, take 5 minutes now to find out what you're good at

And start living a life where you flourish


Now that you know what your strengths are, you can start living a life where you flourish.


Nikki xx

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