I am super passionate about lighting the path with fire for extraordinary powerful women

HI, I'm Nik!

I'm a typical girl and I was told from a young age that I could have it all.

I blazed through my 20's and 30's determined to have it all burning my way up the rungs of a corporate ladder.  Along with some property developing and gaining a Psychology degree I set up my first business! 


I suffered burn out, bad relationships, abuse, stress, anxiety and the BIG realisation that I actually couldn't have it all (and neither did I want it).

I realised there and then that I wanted to help others not go through the same painful experiences and that there were much easier ways.

My mission now is to help 1 million Entrepreneurs go from overwhelmed to over it creating more focus, fun and freedom

My whole ethos is maintaining an amazing work/life balance.  I live to this ethos and help others to remove overwhelm so they can finally make the choices they want to rather than the choices they currently have to.


I'm proud to have already created a business with a global reach helping hundreds of individuals and companies around the world to access that strength inside of you to transform your life, have more freedom, make your business more productive and be more resilient.

Through my personal coaching, onsite corporate programmes and online training I am helping you to equip yourself with the tools and techniques you need to live your most positive life.

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When I see people stressed burnout, overwhelmed or inefficient businesses I know I have a job to do. 

So, how did it begin?

My story starts pretty typically....


I fell into the corporate rat race after school, unsure of where I was heading or what my passions were I took a job offer at a bank from a work experience placement.


You know how it is....Money over passion.....You're feeling this right?


I spent 10 years of my career floating around different jobs, different organisations and really didn't have a clue what I was passionate about.


One thing I was CERTAIN of was that I loved spending time with people in any way, shape or form so at the age of 28 spurred on by my partner's brother having been diagnosed in his 40's with autism I enrolled on a Psychology degree. 

I spent every spare moment I could completing my degree over 6 years while working full time travelling around the UK and the world as a consultant helping businesses to streamline and become more efficient.

I also began renovating properties as I had a desire to turn houses into homes.


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From Overwhelmed To Over It

When It's ok to quit

It wasn’t long before it all began to take its toll.

Working 70+ hours a week meant that stress, anxiety and tiredness set in, my body began to give up which led to me burning out big style.

I began spiraling, I was sick all of the time and started saying No to friends and family when they asked me to meet up.

My relationship broke down, and I began to lose touch with family and friends as I was hardly home and when I was I wanted to sleep.

Then it happened....

I hit the wall spectacularly and my life began to unravel where even getting out of bed became impossible.

I was self-employed so I had to quit the job I was working on. I had no income, I couldn't maintain my relationships and it was a dark and lonely period in my life.  Some days getting out of bed was classed as a good day.

Then what happens when you feel totally crap about yourself?

I found myself in an abusive relationship for 3 years, and because I was at rock bottom, I couldn’t find a way out of the manipulative situation I was in.  His suicide attempt kept me with him as I dared not leave.

I also learned at this time that I couldn’t have children as I sat in the doctor's office. His words slowed down and the room began to spin as he told me my planned future of having a family would not be happening.  It was like I'd been punched in the stomach.

My lifelong dream of being a Mum and having 4 children would not be happening.

I knew my life had to change there and then.  I'd never quit in life before but now I knew I had no choice.

I QUIT my abusive relationship

I QUIT my corporate lifestyle

I QUIT the rat race



"I've never seen any life transformation which didn't begin with the person getting tired of their own bullshit"

Elizabeth Gilbert

I KNEW that my health problems, my life and work experiences, my stress and my loss could be a gift to others.

I could help entrepreneurs to go from overwhelmed to over it by introducing more focus, fun and freedom. I knew how to transform people and businesses, make them more productive, more efficient and increase revenues.  

I built my coaching, consulting and mentoring business using my personal experiences and my business expertise.

My belief is that my story isn't uncommon however through awareness, collaboration and keeping a work/life balance we can all overcome any challenges, resistance or pain in our lives.  

The change starts with you and it starts now

Whether you are building or growing a business, work for a large corporation or are an individual and looking for complete clarity, I am here to support you in doing so with much more 


My journey to this point has not been easy and I don't have all of the answers but I am committed to sharing with you both my personal journey and professional expertise to help you learn and grow​.

lets not waste this opportunity to work together

I'm thrilled to be able to help you transform your life or business.  We can work together to help you go from overwhelmed to over it immediately.


  • Psychology BSc

  • Positive Psychology PG Dip

  • Coaching Psychology PG Dip

  • Coaching ILM

  • Mentoring ILM

  • High Performing Teams

  • Lean Practitioner

  • Prince2 Practitioner

  • ITIL Intermediate Practitioner


  • British Psychological Society

  • BPS Coaching Psychology Special Group

  • International Positive Psychology Association


  • The Prince's Trust Young Persons Business Mentor

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