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Why Are You Not Motivated?

I'm doing a job I LOVE, with a partner I LOVE, near the sea and doing the hours I want!

BUT I've spent over 20 years building this life, creating this freedom and taking the ups and downs as part of life

What has kept me motivated to keep going?

What's Stopping You From Feeling Motivated?

When the sh1t has hit the fan in my life (of which it has MANY times) what's kept me motivated to keep moving forwards?

Well, a few things......

A LOT of persistence
A hell of a lot of spirit
Support from the people around me

When the sh1t does hit the fan in your life (which it will), you can rely on your support network for some things....

BUT there comes a point where you have to get off your backside and really take charge of a situation

So, how do you do this?

In the depths of some really dark times in my life (abuse, infertility, loss, depression, burnout) I found a light......

My passion for people....

So me learning more about people, being focused on creating a business that helps people find clarity has kept me highly motivated to build this life I now have....

And I want you to realise you can have this too!

You can literally have anything you set your mind on


By learning what motivates you

Do you go towards pleasurable things or away from pain?

Can you motivate yourself or do you need others to help motivate you?

Do you like rules and procedures to help motivate you or do you like options?

Are you proactive or more reactive when making changes?

Well............I have the answers for you........

Motivation is a bunch of traits which once you understand you will be clearer on what works for you, why it works for you and why others may be different to you..

If you're an Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Manager or someone who wants to make changes in their life then this is the gold standard of motivation.

The 4 Parts of Motivation:

1. Towards (T) Vs Away (A)

First off, think about if you are motivated towards something pleasurable or are you motivated away from pain?

If you are more towards focused, you will be focused on goals and achievement. You might use words such as 'attain', 'obtain', 'have' 'get' or 'include'. An example is that you might say: "I'll be free to travel if I was an entrepreneur".

If you are away focused then you will recognise what should be avoided or got rid of. You might use words such as 'avoid', 'steer clear of', 'not have' or 'exclude'. An away person may say: "I no longer want to dependent on the company I work for"

This is a 40/40/20% split - 40% of people are Towards, 40% are Away and 20% are a mix

2. Internal (I) Vs External (E)

Do you provide your own motivation and decide on what you're doing and when? You're more likely to be Internally motivated.

If you need other peoples opinions and outside direction you will probably be Externally motivated.

If you're internally motivated then you will use words such as 'It's up to me', 'I think' or 'I'll consider it'. You might say "I'll feel good about it".

Externally motivated individuals will more likely use words like 'they think', 'I got approval for...', or 'They noticed'. You might say "People will tell me that they are impressed"

Again there's a 40/40/20% split on this.

3. Procedures (P) Vs Options (O)

Do you like to follow a set of processes, or believe that there is a right way to do things? You're likely to be motivated by procedures.

If you like opportunities and possibilities to do things differently or a better way then you will be motivated by options.

Procedural motivated people are likely to say 'First....then....after', 'The right way' or 'Tried and Tested. You're likely to write a plan, then get a coach and then create an action list.

Options motivated people use words such as 'opportunity', 'choices', 'alternatives', 'possibilities'. You will be likely to try things out and find out what works.

Again there's a 40/40/20% split on this.

4. Proactive (P) Vs Reactive (R)

The last one is slightly different. Are you highly proactive, do you initiate tasks or work, do you jump in or even bulldoze your way through?

Or are you more reactive, more considered, give more thought to things, do you wait and do some analysis of the situation first?

If you're proactive you'll likely be using words such as 'Go for it', 'Get it done', 'don't wait'. You might say "I will find the support I need by networking".

Reactive people are likely to use words such as 'think about it', 'could', or 'understand'. You may say "The right people will find me".

This split is different here....only 15% of people are highly proactive and only 15% are highly reactive. The majority (70%) are in the middle.


Now that you know how motivation works and what motivates you into action, you'll also realise what switches you off and could potentially stop you taking action.


Nikki xx

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