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What Does YOUR Impossible Look Like?

What goal would you say is impossible for you to achieve?

What is it that is so unreachable to you you can’t even imagine it?

Is it being an Astronaut?

A Brain Surgeon?

An Oscar Winner?


A Nobel Prize Winner?

What's Impossible to You?

What's Impossible to me?

Well its becoming a BILLIONAIRE 💰💰💰

I struggle to even physically imagine the amount......?

However, let's break it down and make it simple as visualising can help

Let’s think of it in terms of some WOTSITS (Cheetos) and a VAN (Stay with me on this!)

Imagine 1 wotsit in the back of a van....this is the equivalent to 1 £ or $

Now Imagine a white van full of wotsits.... I'm not sure why the van has to be white!? many wotsits do you think you can fit in the back of a white van?




Now to represent wotsits in the form of 1 BILLION £ or $ how many white vans would you need?

Have a guess?.........

It's 772 vans!!!!!

Imagine these vans laid out end to end in front of you

The vans would go as far as you could see!

This is unbelievable right?

How would you feel if each wotsit in the 772 vans was worth 1 £ or a $ to you?

If Richard Branson did this right now then he would have over 3000 vans!

For me this is an impossible goal

BUT I know in time and as I grow myself and my company my view of this will change

Russell Brunson started Clickfunnels a few years ago with NO startup funding and NO clients

He’s now on course to own a 1 billion dollar company

I bet he couldn’t image just a few short years ago his company would be worth this much

He has grown himself as his company has grown

Not so impossible now right?!

I can imagine these vans full of wotsits and as crazy as the thought is it's now something that I can aim for as I can visually see it

Each van holds 129,233 wotsits

Could you earn £$129,233?

Could you fill up 1 van at a time?


Could I fill up 772 of them?


Now it's not impossible anymore!

So what is it that you think no matter what, you could NEVER achieve?

What is an impossible goal for you?

Could you break this down into a visual representation or chunks that would help it seem more possible?

Write your "IMPOSSIBLE" in the comments below...

Nik x

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P.P.P.S. Now where's those wotsits I put away?

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