What Did Reading a Book a Week For a Year Change?

I was in San Diego in February at a Brendon Burchard event (my last one pre covid).

I was just coming off the back of a break up and wasn't in a good space so I'd headed out to San Diego to get some space, reflection time and motivate myself into a new version of me.

It was during Brendon's epic HPX event that he mentioned that for the past decade he's read a book a week and it had changed his life.

What Did Reading a Book a Week Change?

So many of the worlds most successful men and women are prolific readers.

Warren Buffet who is the worlds best known investor with a fortune of $80 billion is known to read 5-6 hours per day.

I remember thinking to myself as I listened to Brendon "That sounds pretty easy to me"(I was thinking crazy I'm sure!).

I've always loved reading from a young age and over the past 2 decades I've studied for a bachelor degree and a post graduate degree whilst working full time.

So I not only loved reading and learning, I knew how to do it fast (remember last minute exam cramming?).

For those who aren't familiar with Brendon, he is a world leading coach, trainer and writer. He started with absolutely nothing and has multiple successful businesses now.

I ask my clients when they say that they want something out of their life. "Who's done it well already?". Then I ask them; "Can you find out how they did it and model them?"

So I figured if it was good enough for the likes of Brendon Burchard and Warren Buffett, then it's sure as heck good enough for me!

So back in February I set out to read a book a week for a year and I've documented my entire journey for you.

So has it changed my life? YES!!!!!! But how so....?

Even the very first book I read of the year ended up changing my whole being. It changed how I thought about things and what I thought about.

And almost every book thereafter shifted at least one part of me

I read about money, mindset, psychology, love, energy, health, living longer, the universe, war, online businesses, sales and marketing, setting intentions, magic and much much more....

So I know the question you have.....was it easy to read a book a week?

No it really wasn't.

Even being an avid reader and a speed reader at that plus with a pandemic going on when I've had so much more time at home than normal, it still wasn't easy.

But the incredible thing is that I've found nothing else that shifted me more in just 1 year than doing this.

So I've documented my year long journey for you.

So pull up a cuppa and get cosy.

There's some gold contained in here that might also begin to change your life

For ease of reading I've kept them in the order I naturally read them. This is because some books led me on to explore the topic more.

Also to help you pick out the ones I loved the most, I've put *** next to my Top 15. These were the ones that impacted me the most. They may have the same effect on you.

My year of reading a book a week began with just one book in my here goes....

1. Mirror Work - Louise Hay ***

I don't even remember how I got my hands on this, I just knew that I wanted to read it.

It's a 21 day program where you have a focus for each day which is inner shadow work (the things that we hold on to from our pasts which tend to hold us back). It includes affirmations, visualisations and an audio to listen to each day.

In all honesty I felt like a bit of an idiot talking to myself in the mirror to begin with but by day 3 I'd already experienced a shift in how I saw myself.

The biggest exercise I remember is when she gets you to visualise yourself as a 5 year old. You then take care of that 5 year old version of you. This shifted everything for me.

I can honestly say that this book partly helped save my life. It gave me an anchor during my darkest days of grief, despair, hopelessness and the feeling of overwhelm I felt coming out of a breakup, a breakdown, death, infertility and everything in-between.

It felt like a book of pure love and this has now become my most gifted book. This is powerful and a must read for every single person on the planet.

2. Yes Man - Danny Wallace

Jim Carey is in the film version of this. It's a book about a guy stuck in the rut of saying "No", that decides one day to start saying "Yes" to literally anything and everything.

A really funny lighthearted read when you want your mood lifted.

3. Spirit Babies - Walter Makichen

I was in Holland for the weekend when my friend gave me this to read.

She knew I'd had many years of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby and she'd just gone through a miscarriage herself.

It focuses on energy, healing and creating the right environment for your unborn baby. I read it from cover to cover while I was there.

It made me feel like I had more control over my infertility issues which was a comfort.

4. The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman ***

This book is one of those books you wish someone had told you about years ago! I remember saying to my partner at the time "I want you to show you that you love me not just say it". Little did I know that him saying it was his love language (Words of Affirmation) and mine I wanted evidence of it (Acts of Service).

I've had some amazing relationships and some not so great ones too. I feel that this book now allows me to realise that not everyone sees or shows love in the same way.

A relationship life changer. Get this book if you're single or in a relationship, it will help.

5. O's Little Guide To Starting Over - Oprah Magazine Editors

I love anything Oprah so I was delighted to get this book in my hands. She (or her editors) always offer such sage easy to understand life advice.

This was an easy to digest book which feels like eating a piece of chocolate. Comfort and a smile all in one.

6. The Motivation Manifesto - Brendon Burchard

Being at Brendon Burchard's event in February got me started on my reading journey so I couldn't NOT include him!

This book was a nice read, an easy introduction into Brendon's learnings. His more recent High Performing Habits has more impact if that's what you're aiming for.

7. The Fast 800 - Michael Moseley

I met Dr Michael Mosley at an event in January where I got this book. For those not in the UK he is a prominent doctor who has a focus on nutrition and health. He developed the 5:2 diet (5 days of eating normally and 2 days fasting).

My focus this year was definitely on health so this was a really interesting read. I have since tried both intermittent fasting (the fast 800) and the 5:2 diet and find both approaches really useful to stay fit and well.

This book gives us a nice introduction to another way of eating.

8. Launch - Jeff Walker

I'd come across Jeff Walker through my mentor and he's well known fo