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The Year Everything Changed

We're almost at the end of the year (I can hear sighs of relief!)

This is where you think I'm going to tell you to "Crush it" or "Go all out" until the New Year.....

Actually I'm not going to tell you that....

Here's what I will tell you....

I think you've been crushing it all year....

I think that you've been through the biggest most challenging year of your life

And I think it's time that you recognised how far you've actually come.

How Far Have You Come This Year?

Whenever I help a client set goals, we don't make it all about the finish line

We set Intentions instead of goals, and we have the fun along the journey as well as when we get there

It's not just about the end.

And it's the same with the end of this year

Now I'm not saying this year has been enjoyable, far from it for most people in fact

But I can almost guarantee that you'll look back on this year with fondness.

This is the year we did everything differently.

Not all by choice, no

But when most people I asked if they wanted their old life back they said "No"

This is the year we were the most resilient of our lives

This is the year we couldn't plan for

This is the year that our choices were limited and we had to simplify our lives

This is the year we couldn't see all the people that we love

I for one have been on a quest this year.

I started the year deciding to take my business back offline.

I'd been out of the country for a while and I was missing a physical connection with people.

So I'd began to set up face to face workshops and I was arranging to go into companies to help coach and train their staff face to face.

Then March came and everything changed

Luckily I was able to pivot my business back and go back online.

With my background in IT, I had some idea of how to make that happen.

So I was in a fortunate position to be able to stay doing the job I love.

However, i've got to say, almost every move I've made this year has been the most scary of my life.

I've experienced every emotion I could possibly feel.

But in the meantime behind the scenes, I've been doing the inner shadow work I'd put off my whole life

I've been laying some rock solid foundations

For me, it's been a soul carving kind of year

And I feel like I've had ten years of my normal conscious growth.

And I've decided that I no longer need to look back.

The sorry I needed to hear, some I've heard, others I've not needed to hear to forgive them anyway.

So when next year happens, there is no looking back anymore for me, just forwards

So this for me is the final reflections of the year kind of moment

So when the New Year rings in, I won't be reflecting on this year.

I've already done that by journalling and meditating throughout the year.

People have asked me what has helped me the most this year.

There's been so many things that have helped; peoples kindness, time, self care and love to name a few.

But the thing that started the biggest changes for me was beginning to write about it.

So when I began journalling, everything switched for me.

Everything became clearer, who I am and what I wanted out of life and I've managed to heal past hereditary wounds. It made me feel lighter, happier and more focused.

All of the chatter that was stuck in my head, was finally out, on paper.

If you've not tried journalling before. Go buy yourself a beautiful notebook, one that you'd be proud to write in.

Then try some of these journal prompts I've used to get you started:

  • What beliefs do I have about myself?

  • What about today do I hope I never forget?

  • If I learn ____________ from today, it was all worth it.

  • I am grateful for ___________

  • What would make today great?

  • Three amazing things that happened today?

  • How could I have made today better?

  • Whats a daily mantra I can create that would help me set a powerful intention for the day?

I find it clears the way for the day to be much more powerful and declutters my mind.

So now my quest takes me in a new direction

I am looking forwards and outwards instead of backwards.

And I am still treading the path of fear daily but now it's by scaling and growing my coaching business.

This year has meant we have become used to treading the path of fear


Now that you know some journal prompts I've used to get clarity and focus, could you implement this into your life?


Nikki xx

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