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The 5% Way To Change Your Life

A year ago, I was in Marrakech basking in the sunshine (remember sunshine?)....

I was with some EPIC women at a Business retreat having what should have been the most amazing time figuring out and up levelling my business.

But instead I was nursing a broken heart.

How Do You Even Begin To Fix Things?

The night before I travelled my partner decided it was time to tell me he wanted out (nice, right) which was 6 months after I lost one of my best friends to terrorism.

So I was in a bit of a mess.

Have you ever found this?

One thing happens, then another, then another.....

And before you know it a big F off avalanche is on it's way towards you and you can't stop it.

I felt like my whole life was falling apart and I didn't have the energy or the mental capacity to even try to stop it.

So I look back at this version of me a year ago.....

And I wish that someone would have whispered in her ear the easy way to fix everything.

When the worst happens and all the plates you've been spinning all decide to crash around you at the same time then is the time that you need a whisper of help right?

"Nik, you're safe....." I firstly needed to hear this.

As I now found myself homeless and without my partner or my stepson, I needed someone to tell me I was safe and I always would be.

Comfortable, maybe not, but safe, yes.

I remember also that sick to the stomach feeling of total and utter overwhelm.

What do I try and fix first?

What could I possibly try and fix when it was all a total mess?

So the second thing I wish someone had said to me back then:

"Just change yourself 5% at a time"

This would have changed everything for me. That feeling of total overwhelm would have dissipated.

Anytime you feel totally overwhelmed (I can guarantee it's happened at some point) then look at just 5% of your life that you want to change.

First of all go grab yourself a copy of a "Wheel of Life" template (Google it) and use that to figure out which parts of your life you should focus on first. This is an easy way to figure out what you should focus on first. These might be the areas that are the lowest scores right now.

It could be your job, your relationship, money or where you live.

But choose just one

​​​​​​​On the other hand it could just be one single habit you have which you know you desire to change. Things like exercising more, less sugar, stopping procrastinating, not checking your phone before bed. You know those types of annoying habits which you know aren't doing you any favours. I have a bunch of habits I've been working on improving this year.

I've read a book a week, I've started meditating, exercising 5 days a week and done intermittent fasting. In business I've introduced the Pomodoro tomato and do everything in alignment with my desires.

I think one of the the areas that I have focused on that has made the biggest change is me showing up every single day and being consistent.

I really do believe now that how you do one thing is how you do everything. Just doing that one thing has helped anchor me in to being consistent. ​​

And changing one habit at a time or one area of my life is helping me to change myself 5% at a time

I still have big dreams of becoming a mum, a wife and living in a hot country working my business from a beach. And some of that with what's happened this year remains far off.

But all those 5% changes have started adding up for me.

They are starting to have a huge effect on my life; my relationships, my health, my happiness, my bank account and my business. There's going to come a point in the not so distant future when the world will lose its layer of craziness and you'll have opportunities for freedom to make your own decisions again.

But why wait until then?

Why not start changing your first 5% now?


Now that you know how to change your life using the 5% method, grab a copy of the Wheel of Life and figure out which area you want to focus on first. This is all it takes to start to change your life.


Nikki xx

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