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Stop F**king About

I used to be the queen of procrastination

Doing everything BUT What I should be focused on

Even Ironing!

I hate ironing

But Sometimes it was easier than that big task I kept putting off

Do you know the feeling?

I knew I needed to stop doing this.

I needed to stop procrastinating!

Are You The King or Queen of Procrastinating?

It was making my life MORE complicated

It was having an effect on my business

It was making my life busier

I was less productive

You know that crap you tell yourself when you're REALLY busy, it makes you feel super important?

This is just a way to justify your procrastination!

I knew I had to make some changes....

So I spoke to my coach

She told me to set some goals and this would help me stop procrastinating

What she told me has been life changing!

This was years ago and now I always have GOALS SET

I've found over the years that having long term goals is great

They stretch you....

They give you a vision that you want in your future

But sometimes they are so far away, they seem unachievable

And did you know that only 2% of the world are ambitious?

Unbelievable right?

Are you in the 2%?

If so then read on.....

So what works best for setting goals?

I've found that working in 90 day sprints works really well

90 days isn't too far ahead that you can't imagine it but it's long enough to get some momentum

Any longer you can lose that momentum and any shorter you tend to overestimate what you can do

So now I work in 90 day sprints, how do I set my goals?

People always ask me "How many goals should I set"

And I've said different things at different times depending on what my belief was at that time

BUT honestly it is different for different people

I once had a client who had over 100 goals!!!!!!

Do you think she could focus on these?

Or do you think it made her more overwhelmed?

And do you know what happens when you're overwhelmed?

You procrastinate!!!

I tend to write my goals in 3 sections which are:

  1. Health

  2. Wealth

  3. Self Development/Relationships

I usually have 3 in each section so I end up with around 9 goals for 90 days

It's achievable and it covers all aspects of my life which gives me balance which is something I'm always striving for

So what are my goals?

So one of my current Wealth Goals is to have 40% of my business online

And one of my current Health Goals is to work out for 30 minutes 5 times a week

And one of my self development/relationship goals is to go to Marrakesh on a Business Retreat

These sections make it easy to remember right?

Since I kicked my procrastination butt by setting some clear, achievable AND stretching goals I've never looked back

So what about you?

What have you done so far this year?

What else do you want to do with the rest of the year?

You probably need to get moving if you want to achieve that


Write down 3 goals under the 3 headings we've spoken about

  • 3 goals for Health

  • 3 goals for Wealth

  • 3 goals for Self Development/Relationships


Reverse engineering!

What now?

This basically means working backwards......

So take your 90 day goals and break them down into months and weeks

What are you going to do each week towards your goals?

If you reverse engineer them this way then you have a CLEAR PATH for how you are going to achieve them

So, now go set your 9 goals under the headings "Health", "Wealth" and "Self Development/Relationships" for 90 days then work backwards breaking these down into monthly and weekly goals

There, your procrastinating days are now behind you

Nikki x

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