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School Holiday Hell or Heaven?

I'm hearing sighs of Ahhh or Arrgh at the minute!

I can feel it in the air

Sighs of relief that the holidays are almost here and sighs of Arrrgh! kids for 6 weeks (or more!).

You need a holiday....

Is this how your holiday looks?

Picture a far flung destination......white sand, cocktail in hand, sun blazing down on you, book in hand, having everything done for you and all you can hear is the water splashing gently on the beach

Ahhh holiday time, don't you just love it?

In reality, this picture is quickly being replaced in your mind by the reality of what's to come.

Yes there may be a beach....

Yes there may be a cocktail.....(definitely not virgin!)

BUT there's also....






That's right, it's the school holidays, there's nothing like it (said though gritted teeth!)

Please take me back to paradise right!

I get it, kids ARE fun, they're CUTE, they're the reason WHY you do what you do, but they also drain a lot of your time, energy and money.

The struggle is real for business owners who have to take time off and workers who are juggling their weeks and passing kids between partners like ships in the night.


There is a bonus to this time out of your usual schedule

Taking time out of your daily routine can get you thinking differently

Studies show a break of routine can also mean a break of bad habits

A break of routine can mean that you think of things differently

A break of routine can mean a recharge of your batteries (send the kids to bed early on this day right!)

And a break of routine can vastly up your creativity

You can totally use this time of year to reflect on what you want out of life

  • To alter your focus

  • To think about changing what job you do

  • How you're running your business

  • What the next year will (or should) bring for you

You could use this time to really begin to make some of those changes you've been meaning to for ages

During my holiday I will be taking a well earned break and recharging my batteries. As well as that I am going to do a 90 day plan for my business and my life

Did you know that having a 90 day plan in place and someone you're accountable to will make you 80% more likely to achieve it!

That's right 80%!!

Unbelievable right?

Think about where you could be in 90 days?

Think about the difference in your life that you could make in a short few months

Why 90 days?

90 days is enough time to keep you motivated but not too much time to make it seem too far in the future.

Write the things down that you want to achieve up until the end of your 90 days

  • What work do you want to do?

  • What exercise would you like to start or continue?

  • What income would you like?

  • What family time do you want?

  • What activities, holiday or travel do you want?

  • What downtime are you planning?

Doing this every 90 days will make you more likely to achieve this

By breaking it down and reverse engineering it (working backwards) then it makes it much more achievable i.e. "I want to lose 12 pounds" in 90 days so I need to lose 4 pounds every 30 days or 1 pound a week.

Remember writing it down and being accountable to someone will make you 80% more likely to do it!

Download the exact template I use to help me plan my 90 day where I have 10 weeks holiday a year and work 4 days a week.

Complete your 90 day plan and post it on the Balance Junkies Facebook Group where we will help to keep you accountable.

Now go get planning!

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