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New Beginnings. Make This Year Different

I saw my first Christmas advert the other day (I know I’m late, I didn’t have a working TV for 6 weeks during my recent house move!)

Remember when the oldies used to say to you when you were small that the years get faster as you get older, well they were right!

You know the new year is close, but how ready are you for it?

Is the approaching New Year bleak or exciting for you?

Will the 31st December be just another day for you? Or is it a day full or regrets that you didn’t do what you set out to this year?

Better still will you be dancing around on New Year’s knowing that you had your best year yet?

Many of us have regrets at this time of year. The “IF ONLY” syndrome starts….

IF ONLY I’d have started to think about my goals earlier

IF ONLY I’d have gotten out of that relationship sooner

IF ONLY I’d have had the courage to start my new business

IF ONLY I’d have saved 10% of my income from an early age

Yada yada, you get the drift……

So, will you be that person that has regrets on New Year’s Eve?

Let me tell you that you can make a difference. You don’t have to be that person with “IF ONLY” syndrome.

Just because the year didn't go as you planned, doesn't mean you have to write it off.

Start simple, what is the one thing that you want to achieve? :

  • Plan to hand your notice in at work in January?

  • Start the part time business that you’ve been wanting too?

  • Get your business in order by organising and streamlining how you work?

  • Get yourself signed up to that training course that you’ve been meaning to all year?

  • Spend more time with your family and friends?


Now that you know how to let go of regrets at the New Year, you can now be motivated, energised and focused into the brand new year that is a gift.


Nikki xx

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