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Just Take 3 Steps, Not The Whole Staircase

I was overwhelmed, burnout and totally exhausted

I decided to quit the rat race and my partner said he would support me

Within 3 months he was gone

Just Take 3 Steps, Not The Whole Staircase

I had no support

I had no income

I was suffering the after effects of an abusive relationship

Low self esteem

No energy

Sadness to the core

It seemed like my legs were like jelly

But I knew I needed to do.....

Well something!

I just didn’t know what

Have you ever felt that?

You know when you’re not sure what to do first?

So, I decided to break it down

To make it simple

That was all I could take

Just to take a step........forwards

So I wrote it down......just one sentence

"Start my own coaching business"

Now I had some focus

Now I had a light at the end of a dark tunnel

But just 1 step ahead didn't seem enough

It didn't give me quite enough information or knowledge to know where I was heading

It was like the torch was flickering as the batteries were low

So I decided to plan my next 3 steps

I couldn't face looking 5 years ahead, 3 years ahead or even 1 year ahead

I just needed to know what was right in front of me

So I wrote down my next 3 steps, this is what I wrote:

  1. Launch my 121 coaching 90 day programme

  2. Become more visible

  3. Build my contact list

And that was it....

Nothing more...

I didn’t have the vision or foresight to know what was further ahead of that

This was easy for me to write

It completely stopped my overwhelm

My over 100 item "To-do" List got binned

Doesn't this sound amazing?

Well isn't it too simple?

How, 2 years later does this still work?

How did I get past the first 3 steps?

Once I'd completed the 1st step, the 4th step naturally appeared then I had my new next 3 steps (Steps 2-4)

This happens because once you're working on 1 step, new steps are much easier to see than if you tried to plan out the whole staircase

Once I’d done 1 step the next natural step became very clear

Just knowing these 3 steps helped get me through a time when I was totally overwhelmed and I still use this process to this very day

If you're starting up a new business, study, a new career or trying to balance your life better then try this

I promise you it will work

Just putting one foot in front of the other might be what you need

So, tell me what are your next 3 steps?


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