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Take 3 Steps, Not The Whole Staircase

I was overwhelmed, burnout and totally exhausted

I decided to quit the rat race and my partner said he would support me

Within 3 months he was gone.

Just Take 3 Steps, Not The Whole Staircase

I had no support, no income and I was suffering the after effects of an abusive relationship such as low self-esteem, low energy and sadness to my core.

But I knew I needed to make some changes, I just didn't know what!

I knew I needed to do something but felt afraid to make the wrong choices again.

I felt paralysed.

So instead of staying still, I decided to break things down and to make it simple. That was all I could take.

Just to take one step........forwards

So I wrote it down......just one sentence: "Start my own coaching business". Now I had some focus. Now I had a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

The problem was that 1 step ahead didn't seem enough. It didn't quite give me enough information or knowledge to know where I was trying to get to. It was like the torch I was holding was flickering as the batteries were low so the steps ahead were too faint.

So instead I decided to plan my next 3 steps.

I couldn't face looking 5 years ahead, 3 years ahead or even 1 year ahead. I just needed to know what was right in front of me

So I wrote down my next 3 steps in my life and my business. And that was it. Nothing more.

I didn’t have the vision or foresight to know what was further ahead of that. And in all honestly I didn't need to know that far ahead.

Writing these 3 steps was so easy for me and completely stopped the feeling of overwhelm.

So a few years on, how did this end up working?

It was like I was on a staircase. Once I'd planned out my next 3 steps, as I completed each one, another step would appear. Now I had my 4th step mapped out.

Once I'd done 1 step, the next natural step then became super clear.

Just using this process of 3 steps helped me to get through a time when I was totally overwhelmed. In fact, even in a time with no overhelm, I still love using this method.

Sometimes planing too far ahead doesn't work. You might even vastly overachieve what you thought you could because you couldn't imagine it so far away


Now that you know how to take just 3 steps not the whole staircase, it will help you to get rid of the feeling of overwhelm you might be feeling.


Nikki xx

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