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How To Go From 8K to 6 Figures

I’d decided early on in life that a goal of mine was to earn as much as the age I was at that time of my life

So for example at 25 years old I wanted to earn 25K, 35 wanted to earn 35K etc etc.

However, I was 21 years old at the time and I was only earning 8,000 a year and I'd gotten a job straight out of school in a bank.

How I Went From 8K to Earning 6 Figures

I remember one day filling up the ATM. I picked up a small bundle of cash in one hand ready to put it into the ATM.

I hesitated and looked at it and realised in that moment that it would take me over three years to earn that much.

I remember feeling my heart sinking and tears springing to my eyes. I couldn't believe that three years of work would equate to such a small bundle of cash.

I knew at that point earning this amount would never be enough for me so I set an intention that I would change this.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’d left the bank and I’d gotten myself a job in IT where I was now earning over 40,000. So, how had I made this leap?

There were actually 2 key reasons....

1. I’d set that clear initial goal to earn as much as the age I was and by this point I was way over achieiving that. I'd found that I'd got momentum from having that target to reach and it had carried me on the days I felt like giving up on my dream of achieving this (of which there were many!).

2. I’d met a guy who told me daily that "I could do anything". This was his view and I'd never been around someone who had a belief in me. It gave me confidence I'd not had before when I saw him going for and achieving his own goals.

I came home one day to tell him about a potential promotion there was at work but I told him that I couldn’t go for it as I would be the lowest graded person who applied for it.

He asked me “Why not”? Just like he always did...

He had the belief that anything was possible and his belief in me was rubbing off on me.

Afterwards I thought about it and I figured out I had nothing to lose by sending in an application for it.

So I set about making my application form different. I didn’t want to just fill in a bunch of boxes so I created my own version of that form.

I wanted to stand out and with the confidence of someone believing in me I felt that I could do anything, I figured I had nothing to lose right?

When I ended up getting the job, I was the most junior person who’d applied for it. I remember getting the call and being in total shock.

When I told my partner he replied "I knew you could do it"!

I realised then that with these 2 key ingredients (a goal and a person who believed in me), that I literally could do anything I set out to try and do.

I’ve since gone on to earn over 6 figures and wealth for me has been compounded. The more it increased, the quicker it increased.

So at 35 I was earning over 6 figures and now I find myself on a journey to 7 figures.

And I still have these same two key ingredients from all those years ago: 1. Setting an intention 2. Finding someone who has belief in me

My intentions are different now and most of the time bigger than what they were but the same principles still apply.

And now as well as my own belief and belief of those that I love I also pay someone to have that belief in me (coaches and mentors).

Because some days when I feel downtrodden or feel that "I can’t do it" (yes I still have those days).

Then they’re there to ask me “Why not”?

And sometimes that’s literally the only question I need to hear.


Now that you know how I went from 8K to 6 figures, you can use these 2 simple steps to enable you to boost your income too.


Nikki xx

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