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Do You Really Want to Go Back to Your Old Life?

I asked this question recently on my Facebook page and I got such a surprising response.....

95% of people said "No"! I literally couldn't believe it...

Can you imagine at the beginning of this year you'd have know what was in store.

You'd have protected your current life and the status quo for sure.

But now 95% of people I asked don't actually want to go back to their old life.

So what happened?

Do You Want Your Old Life Back?
They say that we're only aware of 5% of our consciousness.

The brain does this for a reason, we would be overwhelmed if we were aware of everything so the brain does some filtering for us.

There is also something quite special that happens to molecules when we look at them.

Molecules actually change how they react when you look at them.

This totally boggles my mind. But let's not get too Stephen Hawking about it.

I want you to be aware of the fact you're not aware of everything happening around you

Now look at every single thing where you are right now.

Take a minute to look at the objects in the room you're in. The furniture, the ceiling, your hands, the floor and the colours that surround you. The space is probably pretty full right?

Now instead of looking at the objects, look between them instead.

Look at the space between the furniture in the room. Look upwards at the sky, look at the space there is above your rooftop. Look at the space between your fingers.

Now can you see how much space there is that is not filled.

So this is what happens with our consciousness. We see the same things again and again.

Our brain looks for the familiar.

But 95% of the time is what we don't usually see, the unfamiliar. The things that aren't on our autopilot.

And this is like the space between the objects and this space is vast.

I see that as an explanation as to what has happened this year.

All of the familiar, all of the things that we knew, the same routines, the same patterns, the same people, the same lifestyle. Was all taken away from us.

And what we were left with was the space between the objects instead.

But instead of us being entirely overwhelmed and giving up. What seems to have happened instead is the majority of people have instead had their levels of consciousness raised.

We can now see the things that we have been missing all along. Instead of focusing on what we previously had.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't all rosy. This years been awful for alot of people.

I've missed out on work, I've missed my friends and family, I miss travel, hugs and the ability to do what I choose.

But ask me the question "Do I miss my old life"?

Do I miss the hustle, the commute, the no time for me, the obligations or the rushing about from thing to thing?

No, I really don't miss this.

I've just heard on the radio that adults have been out buying the toy that they wanted the most from their childhood.

One guy has got a Nintendo Switch so he can play Pokemon on, and one girl just got a Mr Frosty.

This is the year we began to do the things we actually always wanted to do. But there was always a reason (or excuse) we had not to do it.

Instead of us looking back on our lives and having regrets when it's too late to do anything.

We're beginning instead to change things now.

What a gift we've been given. We have the chance to change the things we've always wanted to.

Me personally I feel that my levels of consciousness have been raised significantly.

And my desires for what I want out of life have become so much clearer.

I want to be a mum, I want to have an amazing partner and the best business which impacts as many people as I can while keeping a beautiful balance of love, gratitude and happiness.

So this year has been like a factory reset on a computer. Everything starts again.

Although, now we have the clarity of being able to see the space in our lives.


Now that you know that you don't want your old life back and you've seen the "space", is it time to decide how your life going to be different from here on in?


Nikki xx

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