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Are You Burning Out Before Making Bank?

I woke up one day and couldn’t get out of bed.

I was burnt out, in an abusive relationship and hated my job

I had to figure out how to support myself and I needed a way out of my relationship

I wanted to get unstuck and out of the situation I was in

Are You Burning Out Before You're Making Bank?

I was afraid to leave

My partner had already made a suicide attempt

I felt not worthy of love

I had no support mechanisms in place

And I wasn’t in control of my finances

The final straw came when I found out I couldn’t have children

My whole life I was told working in a 9-5 job was the way it was

I realised working 9-5 wasn’t enough

I realised I couldn’t make enough money

I realised I couldn’t help other people like I wanted to

I realised I’d be trapped forever in an abusive relationship if nothing changed

I knew then that I needed to work for myself

I needed to be free of the rat race

I needed to be free from the abuse

I decided that I wanted to become an entrepreneur

So my plan started with a big vision

A big dream to help 1 million people!

I could use my strengths to change my situation

I wanted to help others to use their strengths to become unstuck and to find freedom

I signed up for a masters degree in positive psychology, got accredited as a coach and quit my job and relationship!

Sounds amazing?

The problem was that after abuse whether it’s physical or verbal there are after effects.

I was stalked, owed money and broke down at random times for no reason

I also didn’t know how to build a business!

I had no idea what I was doing and had no one around me that ran a successful business

I thought once my website was live clients would come running

Why wouldn’t they?

I knew my stuff, I was accredited and ready to serve

But instead there was tumbleweed

Forward onto today and I’ve managed to achieve a lot!

I have the most beautiful amazing partner I could have ever wished for

I make my own hours up and design my own life

I am finally free from the chains of 9-5

I managed to build my business from scratch with some amazing clients who inspire me everyday

60% of what I do is now online so if I’m ill or on holiday my business can carry on without me

I’ve been able to travel as much as I like and I’ve even moved countries!

I’ve got my own coach who is always there to support and challenge my decisions

I have achieved a lifetimes ambition to live by the sea

I am starting the process of adoption

Isn’t that amazing?

I help others to find freedom and avoid burnout when they were stuck in their own situation that keeps them from living their dream life

Finally the most amazing thing to come out of this is that I realised I was much stronger than I thought.


Now that you know how to gain support to stop your own burnout, it will help you to realise you can also become unstuck and live your dream life.


Nikki xx

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