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A Tomato Changed My Life...

I was the queen at multi tasking!

20 tabs open and thinking I was super busy and super important because I was super busy...err ok

A Tomato Changed My Life

Then one day I couldn’t get out of bed

I had so many plates spinning at the same time

My plates ended up smashing to the ground with a mighty crash!

It took me to the point of burnout to realise something was up

It took a HUGE strain on my health to finally make some changes

I knew I needed to change my viewpoint

Being busy doesn’t mean your efficient OR important OR successful

I now “work” 4.5 days in a job I love

I have time for myself

I have time for my family

I have time for fun

I have time for travel

I have time for my business

I have time for my university masters degree

I’m no longer the swan gliding gracefully but legs going like the clappers underneath

Do you get this?

People ask me how I do it.....

How did I design this life where I can do all of this without breaking a sweat

How did I design a life where I work 1 day a week and do the same amount I used to do in 5 days?

A tomato is (part) of the answer .....

Yes a tomato changed my life! (Is this my new book title?)

This little beauty helps me put my day into 25 minute batches

It's called a Pomodoro Tomato

It helps you batch your time into 25 minute batches

You totally focus on one task for 25 minutes

No jumping around

No multi tasking

No checking emails

Just totally focused on ONE task for 25 minutes (If a task takes you longer then you can batch it into other pomodoro tomato sections)

So what are the benefits?

You actually feel like you've done some work (You know the feeling when you can't remember what you've spent your day doing?!) This feeling will be gone

You'll feel a sense of achievement. of focus, of pride

You'll become more productive (the brain wasn't made to multi task0

You'll feel calmer and much less stressed

You'll feel able to do more and take more on

The simple things in life really are the best....

I’m not greedy I’m happy to share this life changing thing with you!

This trusty tomato YOU NOW need to make your best friend

Google Pomodoro Tomato now...

Nik x

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