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5 Steps To Your Best Possible Self

I remember when I was 10 years old telling my Mum what I was going to do when I was older.

I was obsessed with the weather, I used to always watch it. I remember thinking how glamorous it looked, how they looked super happy and they got to do the fun bit of the news.

So I sat down one day and told her I was going to be a weather girl….

What Does Your Best Possible Self Look Like?

Her face was a picture. She clearly thought I was mad but she smiled and said “good for you”.

The problem is somewhere along the way from being 10 – 16 something changed.

School taught me to follow rules, it taught me to follow a system which told me to either go to University or go get a job – any job.

I suddenly remember that being a weather girl now felt a long distance away. It now felt completely unachievable and like a stupid silly dream.

Why would I have dreams if no one else seemed to?

See, my parents were 9-5ers as were most of my family and my friends parents were also the same.

So none of these adults were following their dreams?

So who could I talk to about my dream?

It turns out no one.... There was no one in my young life that I could talk to

No one else seemed to talk about their dreams... So why would I?

It seems we were all destined for the same thing, as were they.

So, was it school, was it the people I was surrounded with, was it society or was it me that meant this dream stayed just that….a dream?

The thing is I’ve always been pretty ambitious. I have a natural instinct and drive that propels me through changes and I’m happy to take risks. So it was hard to suppress this natural instinct.

And the thing was I didn’t know how to handle my ambition, so I tried to do everything all at once:

Leader, Manager, Board Member, Team Member, CEO, Director, Business Owner, Coach, Mentor, Friend, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Stepmum, Girlfriend, Fiancé

Name a role in life and I’ve probably done it

BUT have you ever seen me present the weather?

My heart goes out to my 10 year old self who had this huge dream that never was

This is what drives me now as a 40 year old.

I don’t want anyone to have that “IF ONLY” syndrome which is like a disease in our society.

95% of the population will go to their graves with regret and that hurts me.

This is why the 1 million people who I work with WILL BE in the 5% of people who live the life that they want to!

If you’re reading this then I KNOW you want something different

And there are some simple answers

But you need to be prepared to OWN your own change

Don't expect someone to gift it to you or do the work or to tell you to get a move on

It has to come from YOU

I want you to now look back at your 10 year old self......

What did you want?

What was it that excited you?

What was it that you remember telling people you were going to do?

Whatever age you’re at now it really doesn’t matter, what matters is today. You can change your tomorrow at whatever age you are.

So what’s your best possible self look like in 6 months’ time? What about 1 years’ time or 5 years’ time or 20 years’ time?

What would you be doing differently? What would you be doing the same?

Here's 5 simple steps for you to follow to find your best possible self:

1. Take some time now to imagine your life in the future. What is the best possible life that you can imagine? Consider all of the areas in your life such as your career or business, relationships, wealth, hobbies, health and personal development. What would happen in these areas of your life when you imagine your best possible future?

2. Imagine this in CLOSE DETAIL where you’ve worked hard and accomplished your life goals. This could be you reaching your full potential, hitting a milestone or realising one of your life’s dreams.

3. Be really SPECIFIC. This exercise works best when you imagine this in DETAIL. For example if you are thinking about starting a business then what would you be doing, who would you be working with and where would it be? The more engaged you are with this exercise the more you’ll get out of this. Be creative and imaginative and have FUN with it!

4. It might be easy for you to lead yourself to examine your current life which may not match your best possible future. You could be tempted to think about ways in which accomplishing goals has been difficult for you in the past or focus on the barriers currently facing you. For the purposes of this exercise however I encourage you to FOCUS JUST ON YOUR FUTURE. Imagine a brighter future in which you are your best self and your circumstances change to make this best possible life happen.

5. For the next 10 minutes, write or draw about what you imagine your best possible future to be

This exercise has been found to bring focus, motivation and happiness to the person completing it.

Imagine having that complete clarity on your future and what you want out of life.

Also imagine your legacy. The people that will come to you to ask how you did it. How did you achieve the thing that you always wanted to?

Imagine the children that you will have an impact on, the next generation. Make this bigger than just you.

If you achieve your goals in life then you help the next generation to do just that

You become an inspiration to others, you become one of the 5% and you will completely shed the “IF ONLY” syndrome


Nik x

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