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4 Proven Steps to Make a Change

I remember my Sunday nights used to be filled with dread.  7pm on the dot on a Sunday night my heart beat started to race, my hands would get hot and I would feel the nerves kicking in.

Is It Time To Make That Change?

I  was in my early 20's and worked in a bank.  It was when they'd just discovered centralisation and they had had a big raft of job cuts as I joined.  I knew if I didn't deliver what they wanted (sales) then I'd be the first to get the boot.  But I'd joined the bank not to sell stuff but to help people who needed it.  

I remember a few years in when I had my own office I had a lady appear completely frazzled with her money situation.  I spent an hour calming her down and talking her through some options with the end result with her walking out of my office much happier than when she came in.

My boss had asked me afterwards what had I sold to her?  I told him nothing, I had helped her get through a really tricky day but he wasn't happy about it

I knew then that my time in front line banking was limited

Selling for sellings sake has never been something that I have done. 

From the very start of my career in banking I wanted to deliver exceptional customer service.  Before that was even a thing.  This was in the 90's when companies were outsourcing services left right and centre to save money and customer service went out the window.

​​​​​​​But you know in your gut when something doesn't fit?  That something doesn't feel right?

This is when you need to make a change

It could be a really small change like adding Chia seeds to your morning porridge or taking 10 minutes a day to read that book you love.  

Or it could be a really big change like leaving your job you've disliked for years or that relationship that no longer fulfils you.

​​​​​​​Did you know that I now love my Sunday evenings?  In fact I usually spend Sunday evening planning my next week out because I love my Mondays so much.

My passion now is helping other people to make those exact changes.

Those gut feeling, know you've gotta make a change soon or you'll go crazy changes.

Those "this can't be all there is" type changes.

So here's 4 proven simple steps to help make the change you've always wanted (and it works for simple changes too):

​​​​​​​1. The first step is to realise that feeling you have.  That feeling that you can't live the rest of your life like this.  You might have got this feeling from deep inside your gut or you may have had something happen to you which has made you re-assess life.  For example an illness within your family has made you realise life is too short to stay in that crappy job you hate.

2. Secondly you need to decide where you'd like to be.  If  you made that change you've been thinking of, where would it take you in the long run?  For example you've always wanted to start your own business but you're not sure how.  Did you know that you don't even need to know the how, you just need to understand why you want this?

3. Third, you need to get someone to believe in youa friend, a mentor or a coach.  Someone who can hand hold you through every step.  Even better if they've done it themselves so they can help short cut your journey.  I've had several mentors and coaches throughout my life who have helped me leave my 9-5, set my own business up and help me to scale it.

4. Finally you need to take the leap.  Even though this is decided in a moment, it can be the hardest of the steps.  Once you've done this once, you'll find decisions easier in the future. 

Practice these steps on something small at first (Heck go buy some Chia seeds!).  

Build up your decision so they get bigger over time as you gain more confidence.

"Flip a coin, pick that one and never look back"

Gary Vaynerchuck


Now that you know the 4 proven steps to make that change, you can practice these and build them up over time as you gain more confidence.


Nikki xx

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