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3 Steps To Complete Clarity

I used to be one of those people who planned their year 5 months into a year. For the first couple of months of the new year I would have no clue what my focus was.

Do You Have Clarity on Your Future?

And here in lies the problem....

I had no focus therefore I had no motivation

No motivation meant I wasn't efficient, I wasn't productive, I had no time, I was stressed and I had 100 plates spinning at any one time

I was totally directionless like my GPS was switched off or my map had been thrown out the window!

The problem was I always thought new years resolutions were total crap and I'd keep them up for a few weeks at best

So I stopped creating new years resolutions

I stopped associating the new year as a trigger to do something different with my life

Instead I started creating a vision for my future

Something bigger to me than just January 1st

Something that meant more to me than some crappy short term resolutions

So I started to plan for my next year WAY earlier than I had previously - 6/7 months earlier in fact

So in September of this year I created some new goals for 2020

September is now my month to plan my up and coming year

AND I keep it super simple!

There's not a list of 100 things I want to do, heck no!

I used to set so many goals I couldn't remember any of them and get to the end of the year and think "sh1t I'd totally forgot about 70% of them"! And what's the point of that?

It's just a prescription for a sore wrist and no ink

So when someone comes to me for help on getting clarity we do something totally different to the norm

In fact I laugh in the faces of people who over complicate this stuff!

Listening to some guru who says you need to spend hours on this stuff is a) confusing you and b) lining their already bulging pockets

This stuff is child's play and I literally mean it's super easy and super fun

As with everything I do I strip it back so it's super simple and I've got an easy way to get complete clarity for my future

As an aside I totally understand the term "goal setting" may turn you off

But for the purposes of this I'm going to use those words just so you understand me however you choose whatever words you want to such as....

"Clarity Session", "Vision Setting" "Goal Setting", "2020 Planning", "Business Planning" or "Dreaming"

Whatever word helps motivate you use it - I'm not precious about the word you use, it's the technique that's important

So how does it work?

There's 3 simple steps.....

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle with your name in it and the time period i.e. 2020 (mindmap style)......

  2. Draw 3 circles coming off it which are your categories; name one BANK (Business, Career, Finances), one BODY (Physical Health) and one BEST (Personal development, education, fun)

  3. Then write 3 things you want to achieve in each of your categories (so you'll end up with 9 things written that you want to achieve)

Yup! That's it, you'll have just 9 things written down!

I've found this number works really well for setting a vision, setting goals and keeping things super simple

Make it fun, use highlighters, use your creativity or use an app if a pen and paper just won't do

If you really want a couple more then add them again I'm not precious about this, 9 works really well for me but keep it to 12 maximum or it will lose it's effect

I then stick this on my office wall and I NEVER forget what my vision is for my future

Once I started focusing on getting complete clarity into my life a few years back I've created so much more time into my life with less effort (yes really!).

I now do the work in 1 day that used to take me 5 days.....

I have 5% stress levels compared to 95% (and this now is usually the tax office....)

I'm spinning 9 plates instead of the 100 that I used to

Having complete clarity has been an absolute game changer for me, could this do the same for you?

Nik x

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