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3 Reasons To Not Set New Years Resolutions

I'm sat here in my Pyjamas in the middle of the day in-between Christmas and New Year

You know that haze that seems to happen where you have no idea what day it is... (I've just missed my bin collection)

What New Years Resolutions Are You Setting?
I've been reflecting on this year as I've said once this year has passed, I'm no longer looking back

I've processed all kinds of emotions this year and feel like I've really finally got a handle on everything that has happened in my past

I believe that each and every chapter I've experienced was worthwhile to get to the chapter I am at now

But I no longer need to keep rereading it

So once this year is up, I've decided I'm no longer looking backwards

This year more than any, I have realised that all there is is right now

The future hasn't happened yet and the past is well....just that, the past.

Before this year I was carrying previous baggage but I've decided to set that baggage down

And choose to no longer carry it

Can it really be that simple? I actually think it can be.

I think what happens to us happens to us (or "for' us). But how we handle that, that's entirely up to us.

This year has been one crazy year for sure and I've found myself disagreeing with so much of it

But instead of getting mad about it, I've realised that I had the one thing that I never seemed to have enough of before....


We go want to earn more money, be in relationships and drive nice cars

But for some reason time is the single biggest thing we take for granted

We assume we just have it.

We buy enough food to last us a week. We think we're going to be around long enough to eat it.

We put off taking that friends phone call because we think we can call them back when we're free.

We put off getting fertility checks because we assume it's just going to happen.

We don't start that new business because we're busy doing other things.

My personal quest for freedom and an extraordinary quality of life over the past 5 years has also taught me that time runs out

I didn't realise that working 70+ hour weeks would mean that I realised that the food in my fridge I'd assumed that would get eaten, actually might not.

I didn't call my friend back when she'd left me a voicemail the week before she was killed.

I didn't go get my fertility checked for so long that it became too late to be able to do anything about it.

Time eventually runs out for all of us

Now I realise the tone of this and the time of year don't quite match.....

Just stick with me a moment....

I really feel that until something bad happened to me, that I took time for granted

I always assumed tomorrow was granted

But I realise now that it's not.

So, instead of just drifting through each day in a haze, I now treat everyday like it's a day worth living.

I now believe that everyday is a true gift.

So, I don't believe that I should wait to set a resolution at the beginning of a year

Reason number 1:If I want to do something, I set an intention or a goal right there and then.

And do a little towards it everyday

Reason number 2: I also don't believe we should set resolutions that we know we're destined to fail at.

For example I've set an intention to become a millionaire one day.

Notice there's no date on that.....

I will at one point in my life become a millionaire, do I know exactly when? No.

And if I set a target date and I didn't achieve it, then would I be a failure and give up?

It's more likely

Reason number 3: I believe in consistency over a lifetime.

For me the resolutions I've set at the beginning of the year feel temporary, such as weight loss or giving up alcohol.

So that's 3 reasons I don't recommend setting New Years Resolutions.

But do I recommend that you set an intention?

Yes I do. Right here, right now

Let me ask you a question.....what's the one thing that you would like to do differently?

Then take one action towards it right here, right now.

Then tomorrow do the same.


Now that you know the 3 reasons NOT to set New Years Resolutions, what intentions could you set instead? Right here, right now.


Nikki xx

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