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3 Easy Ways To Quit Anything

It's been 3 years since I quit my well paid job

I remember that day so clearly

I had the most amazing team working for me and I felt so sad to leave them

But I couldn't stay just for them like I had been

Every single cell in my body knew I had to leave

The time was now (actually it was years prior but I didn't have the guts to do it back then)....

Is it time for you to quit?

The straw that broke the camel's back for me to quit work actually had nothing to do with work

I was burnt out, in an abusive relationship and getting out of bed was becoming difficult, never mind delivering in a senior role

So I quit......

With no job to go to and no real plan

I knew my instinct was right but I was scared out of my mind on that day I walked out of that office for the last time

I originally thought quitting was a big fat failure

I tell you what though.......

Quitting that job was the catalyst for changing everything in my life

You know when you feel so overwhelmed that your life couldn't be further from what you'd planned and you don't know where to start first to fix it?

This was my first step to fixing it

Within 3 months I'd quit my abusive relationship

Quitting work enabled me to get some strength back

The strength I needed to get him to leave my home and to not come back

The strength in my convictions that my gut and my heart were right

But now I had no relationship and no job.......

And this is when I decided to focus on my passion

Which was helping people.....

I'd always been really good at focusing on what I wanted out of life and doing it and I'd become really good at helping others to do the same

So I began a 3 year venture into the unknown

I remember my great friend who has since passed saying to me "Nik, take the leap off the edge of the cliff and the bridge will appear"

I remember having one foot off the edge of the cliff and I was so scared to take the leap she talked about

But as soon as I let both feet leave the edge of the cliff I knew the bridge would be there for me

I knew it would catch me

And over 3 years later, that bridge continues to appear for me

Slat by slat......

I've no idea what's over the other side of the bridge

But I can tell you that it's been one heck of a journey with a view that I could only previously dreamt of

Each and every step I've created

I've moulded each part of my life into something resembling extraordinary

From absolutely nothing

I have my dream business where I coach extraordinary people to live their own dreams

I have the most amazing friends around me who are absolutely wonderful

I have invested in property, in crypto and stocks and shares

I have travelled to the four corners of the globe

I have the most wonderful guides, coaches and mentors in my life

And I live with total and absolute freedom to live a life that I choose

I learn from the best, to then lead myself, to then be able to lead others

So now I'm leading people across my bridge that I'm building

My future includes a husband, a child and a beautiful house that I will have built

My future business will be a million dollar a year business

And I will travel the world extensively

All the while I will be able to help guide others along my bridge

From anywhere, anytime I choose and all the while building a beautiful life of my own

And evolving and growing every single day over my whole lifetime as my own coach tells me

So I've become a Sherpa if you like, and I have a map

So how do you start building your own bridge?

My job is saving you time. I find the easiest route across the bridge then I share it with you.

Your job is to do the things

Here's the 3 steps I took (and if I can do it, you can too):

  1. Decide on your "Why"

When you get in your car and set your GPS, you know where you're headed right? You may not know the streets you'll pass, or the hills you'll go over or the stops you'll take, but you know the final destination you're headed. This is your "why'. Why do you get up everyday? What motivates you? What are you passionate about? Understand this and you'll be much more likely to be able to create the life of your dreams

2. Who Could Help You?

I've always been really good at working with people and I love it. That, along with it being my passion I'm onto something great. I'm also a good leader. So now I lead myself first and as and when someone decides that they want what I have or they want help to achieve something that I've already done, then I'm delighted to be able to help them along their own journey. I have many mentors and coaches of my own that are helping me along their own bridges. These people are my sherpas, guides and supporters in all that I do. Find your own guides that can help you to do the same.

3. Flip a Coin

If you're stuck making a decision, flip a coin. This might sound flippant but if you spend any more than 3 seconds making a decision then you're wasting precious time. You'll probably end up deciding for yourself as the coin is spinning in the air. If you think "best out of three flips of the coin" then you already know your answer. Then GO ALL IN on your decision. I heard Gary Vee once say "never look back at your alternative decision, you could have died under a bus" and I 100% agree with him. Remember the film sliding doors? It all ended the same way anyway.


Now that you have 3 easy steps to quit just about anything you want, maybe now is the time to quit that thing that you know is not right for you.


Nikki xx

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