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Email: for the application form.

Do you feel energetically stuck in your journey as a woman entrepreneur?

Have you tried to scale your business, but you have felt super stressed or burntout?

Does your business mean so much more to you than just a job?  Do you feel a calling, a purpose or passion?

Do you feel that despite all the effort, you haven't been able to embody the energy of a successful entrepreneur?


Are you energetically  ready to up level to allow an expansion in your business like you've never had before? 

Are you ready to work with a coach who is already doing all of this and is scaling sustainably?

Have you said to yourself "someday I desire to work with a coach"...?


Listen, if ever we were going to make changes in our lives, it's now right?

I started my business journey three years ago and I had no real clue how to run an online business, let alone be able to balance everything else in my life.  I knew one thing for sure though:


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What has helped me more than anything is the belief that things will work out.  Once I began believing this and taking consistent aligned action everything changed for me.  

My purpose behind every intention I set is always the same.

From creating systems to both run and scale my business without burnout or hustle.  



So now my lives work is to embody the things I have learnt so I can teach it to you.  Every time I step up, it enables me to teach you how to do the same.

I've come from treating my business like a side hustle or at worse a hobby.  The belief I have in myself now is flowing through to success in my business and my relationships.  I want to share the success I am having in my life with you.

Knowing how to scale my business sustainably without burnout or hustle and leading from feminine energy this is enabling me....


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My mission is to help you to get you to your next level.

So together we will:

Boost Your Confidence

Scale Your Online Business

Plug The Gaps in Your Systems 

Increase Your Profits (Not Just Revenue!)

Get Laser Focused on Your Zone of Genius

Learn to Embody The Empowered Pioneer Entrepreneur You Are


When you sign up to work with me, you receive:

Unlimited sessions over either 3 or 12 months.

All of my digital content for the duration of your coaching container.

VIP access to any live programs.

In-between sessions Voxer support.

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When you sign up for private coaching with Nik, you will receive 3 or 12 months access to:​

Intention Mastery

Sustainably Scale Your Business without Hustle or Burnout

And access to everything I do while we are coaching together - including course, bundles, masterminds and VIP


As much ​as I love Coaching,  I can't make you do the work.  

Your own growth is up to you.

Here's what I can and will do though:  

I will show up, support you and share everything I know with you.  I can empower you to make bold decisions.  I can show you how setting meaningful intentions will change everything for you.  I can help you to release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

I will share with you what has and what hasn't worked for me so you can avoid a whole load of mistakes.  I will help you with your accountability towards yourself and your growth.

Sessions will be used to celebrate your wins, choose new areas to focus on, make a plan and deep dive into any areas you may have gotten stuck.

My digital courses and programs are about learning information, coaching is another level which focuses on the integration of this new information into your life and work.

Within a few months here's what clients typically accomplish:

        Scale their existing business with less effort and higher profits.

        Raise their prices.

        Reorganise their time to create instant freedom.

        Spend less time online with higher profit.

        Create systems and use automation with more potent results.

        Shake off limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

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Hi beautiful! I'm Nik Hanson. I am a coach for women entrepreneurs and I started my online business three years ago.

Five years ago I was working 70+ hours a week in a job I didn't love, I became bed bound through a burnout, I had the news I was infertile and I found myself in an abusive relationship.

I found a way out and I now have complete freedom.

Most of the time I work a few hours a day and I create my work calendar around holidays, rather than the other way around.

The bottom line is this: it's entirely up to me.  I design my schedule, my year and my life. 

I can do what I want, I can work with who I want and I can travel and work from anywhere in the world.

But the most important thing? I  get to help women to do the same exact thing.  If I can do this, you can too. This  is what gets me jumping out of bed every morning.

I knew as soon as I tapped into my inner power and nailed getting unstuck that I needed to share this with you.

Let me teach you how.


Is this only for business owners?  Absolutely not.  My expertise is in service based online businesses, streamlining and automating life and business, increasing profits and banishing limiting beliefs.  If you desire to create a life without limits and live aligned to your purpose, then this is for you.

How do I schedule sessions with Nik?  As a private client,  we choose a time and regular day that works for you. That slot is then saved for you to take as support is needed.

What days are session held on?  I coach Mondays,  Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Other arrangements can be discussed.

How do I get access to the bonuses?  You will automatically be added onto up and coming programs' that are scheduled and you will get access to any online digital courses.  Your access will be emailed to you.

I have never had a coach before, does that matter?  Not at all.  You will be guided and supported through every step.  I deeply believe in my ability to help you to increase your belief in yourself and the work that you do.


Are my results guaranteed?  My mission is to help you step up in your business and within your whole life.  

This includes practical principles I will teach you towards your own success.  I believe that this will give you everythign that you need to do that.  The testimonials on this page are from clients who signed up to work with me, who have done the work and got results. I believe that you can also get the success you desire, but you have to do the work.

Disclaimer: I do not guarantee results or increased income.  The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all clients.


Email any questions you have to​.

Receive the application form.  Complete it.

Receive the payment link.  Pay it.

Gain access to book your sessions,  private voxer and all digital courses and programs.

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Private Coaching with Nik Hanson Investment:

(GBP or US Dollar Payments Available) 

Pay in full - 3 months:

£2,777  or  $3,997

Pay in full - 12 months:

£10K or  $14K

Monthly Payment Plan available:

£977 or  $1,444

Email for the application form.

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If you're reading this then I am guessing you are wondering whether this is right for you.

The one thing I NEVER do is talk you into anything. This is a big investment and I understand that it might be the biggest investment you have ever made.  I know that this investment in you can take you to the next level, help you realign with your true purpose and lead to a life you never thought possible.

So take a minute and listen to your heart, it already knows what you desire.

Ask yourself "Is this right for me"?

Take a minute to feel what it would truly feel like to have the support you desire to make the changes you want.  To have the energy, the time and the freedom to live the life you are craving.  To see yourself waking up every day to a business and a life that you love.  Imagine what it would feel like to live a life full of passion and purpose and knowing that you have made a difference.

Trust that the answer will come to you.

Know that it is completely normal to feel afraid. Feel  it.  

Then take the next step anyway.......



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