I'm Nik 

A Coach, Positive Psychologist 

and Freedom Seeker

I coach women to build and scale sustainable businesses

without burnout or hustle.

Because who wants to be lose it all or be a burnt out wreck?

(Trust me I’ve been there)

what's my mission?

I love positive psychology, meeting amazing people, travelling and doing the things I need to do really easily and quickly so I can get on with building the masterpiece I call my life.

I’m currently on a journey to extraordinary.


I’ve turned myself into a human guinea pig and am fully embodying everything I’ve learnt over the past 20 years both within big business and my own business.

I thrive when I help others to thrive.


It’s my passion, my purpose and my mission every single day to help women to live a life full of extraordinary


I’ll treat you like you matter (because hey you do!) and working with me is not like work at all.

My life philosophy is to wring the heck out of it, if this sounds like you too then lets be friends!


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My Life of Extraordinary

what's it like working with nik?

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So, isn't it time that you lived a
life full of extraordinary?

Private Coaching Prices Start at £977