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Leading Yourself Has An Impact


Nikki Hanson is the founder of the Pioneer Femme brand.  She is known for her unique fusion of feminine energy, psychology and lead:hership.


But this isn't where her story began...


After a burnout left her unable to work for almost a year, in a toxic relationship and grappling with infertility.  She knew her masculine energy corporate career was making her sick and was no longer aligned.


Since 2018, the company has generated 500% growth serving women around the globe and is now celebrating the creation of the Pioneer Femme brand.

She celebrates her clients who calibrate to 5-figure months and beyond.  She also celebrates their lives outside of their work resulting in wealth in their bank accounts, their relationships and their health.


She believes that combining these elements is a positive force for the globe.


And Pioneer Femme exists to be the vehicle that supports this.

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