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Overwhelmed To Over It

I’m just back from a business retreat in Marrakech

I know it’s a hard life right! BUT....

I’m telling you as well as one of the most FUN things I’ve ever done, it was also one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done

Are You Overwhelmed?

I’ve been working with clients online for a while now and I know clearly what I help them with....

  • Reaching their goals faster

  • To help them become high performers

  • To identify and utilise their strengths

  • To help them flourish

And I work bloody hard at it!

BUT some of the ladies on the retreat (6 + 7 figure earners + MBE/OBE recipients) told me that they weren’t SUPER clear on what I did


I was not only gobsmacked, I was so upset

I’d spent so much time on defining what I did

Everyone tells you when you start out in the online space to be super clear on WHO you serve (hello client avatar) and WHAT you do for them (hello output) and I thought I’d nailed this 100%

So when the group of super amazing ladies challenged me at the retreat I couldn’t ignore them

The problem was when someone holds a mirror up in front of you it can initially be super hard to hear

I immediately got defensive and tried to clearly explain what I did......

That’s when the brain fog happened

I felt totally overwhelmed with what they were saying

I could feel the room spinning

I could see the hours of work ahead of me that were looming with the changes I needed to make to let people know what I did

I felt like a total failure

And I felt like giving in

Running an online business is relatively new to me (<2 years) BUT I’d worked with businesses offline for over 15 years so I knew my salt

However taking my business online initially was like trying to teach me physics

Some of it just didn’t make sense! (Have you tried to read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawkins!?) Well I have, and it’s may as well be written in Arabic

To me just like physics, none of this was making sense

And because I felt overwhelmed, nothing that was coming out of my mouth was making much sense either

All I could see was 12 powerful women holding an ugly mirror up in front of my face

So I cracked

I felt tears, I felt anger and more than anything I felt totally overwhelmed

None of them had seen the blood, sweat and tears I’d put into my business so far

You know when someone becomes an ‘overnight success’ there’s usually 10 years of hard graft that’s gone into that…..

Well I’m working behind the scenes on becoming that "overnight success" (You know this isn't true as you've been with me watching the graft I’ve put in, the long hours and the circular paths that this business has sometimes taken me on)

Looking In A Mirror Can Sometimes Be Hard

When they finally took the mirrors away from my face and the attention was (gladly) no longer on me I had chance to reflect on what they were saying

The output of what I helped people with DID differ each time


There were patterns of people that came to work with me:

  • People who were too busy

  • Who were burnt out

  • Who were overachievers and wanted it all

  • Their families suffering because their loved ones were not there enough

  • Their relationships breaking down

  • People wanting more but had nothing else to give

  • An array of health problems

So it got me thinking what is the ONE thing that I actually help people with?

When my clients have finished their sessions with me how did they say they felt?

  • They were calmer

  • They were more confident

  • They were much happier

  • They were more productive

  • They saw their families and friends more

  • They ran more efficient businesses

  • They had boundaries

  • They were more balanced

  • They were healthier

  • Their skin shone

  • And they laughed more

I had helped them to build 3 cornerstones into their businesses and their life - Focus, Fun and Freedom

They had at least 20% more focus, they were 20%+ more efficient and they were having A LOT more fun!

So finally one word did spring to mind…..

One word that these wonderful high achieving women were telling me at the retreat that they felt….

One word that I could see in all of my clients at the beginning of working with me….


They were spinning too many plates, which were about to come crashing down on them

They were just about keeping their nose above the water surface but were about to go under

They were hanging on by their fingernails at the cliff edge but were slipping finger by finger about to fall off the edge

So instead of telling this group of women at this retreat “F**k it” like I originally wanted to

They had started a whole chain of events in my mind about reviewing my whole business focus

Instead of that feeling of overwhelm I felt peace, clarity and focus to make this change

So I’d literally gone from overwhelmed to over it over the space of less than 24 hours

On the plane on the way home I wrote down a plan for my next steps in business

It included changing my social media, content, courses and my website

But after that first 24 hours I didn't felt overwhelmed by it anymore

That’s because I have FOCUS that I didn’t have before - I know exactly what my clients want and when they need it

That’s because I switched off the defensive mode and decided to have FUN with this and use this as my new chapter in business rather than back to square one (Think of a snakes and ladders board, I just went down a snake, I wasn't back at square 1)

And finally I used it to create FREEDOM to influence the 1 million people I want to, how I want and when I want.

Sometimes I know feeling these emotions are hard

I have to admit I’ve spent a lot of time on the settee this week with my laptop pausing and reflecting on the changes that are happening

They have wiped me out and the old me would have been feeling burnt out, worried and anxious

But instead of pushing these feelings away I have embraced them

I have reached out to my support network and I have written about how I’m feeling

Getting this out onto paper immediately helps me reduce overwhelm

As does pushing the pause button

And as does a plan

That feeling of overwhelm is with most of us at certain times in our life's particularly at times of change and when we feel out of our comfort zone

If we see it as a positive and a time of growth then we can take it and flourish within our lives and our business.

Surround yourself with people who truly support you, create a 90 day plan (not too long to be scary, but long enough to make big steps) and don't be scared to press the pause button then your own feelings of overwhelm can disappear.

You can go from overwhelmed to over it


Nik x

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