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8 Steps to Goal Setting

Writing down your goals means you're 80% more likely to achieve them, so what are you waiting for?!

Here's 8 steps to help you set yours.

What does your future hold?

1. Focus on Your “Why”? What do these goals mean to you, your family and what will keep you motivated to achieve them? Really consider what is motivating you, what is driving you to get up every day and focus entirely on this to give you the motivation to complete your goals.

2. Create the Right Mindset

Set your goals when you feel really inspired and passionate about your life. If not then change your bodies chemistry by moving, go for a run, walk, do your favourite exercise class then identify your set goals

3. What Makes You Happy? Think about what makes you happy now and what goals would make you even happier in the future? Is it spending more time with your family, more job satisfaction, going self employed, working out more, eating to fuel your body with good nutrition? Focus on your happiness to steer your goals and keep you motivated to achieve them.

4. Getting the Balance Right

People are often so out of balance in life and often set unrealistic goals or try to do everything now. This will do nothing but demotivate you! Your goals should be spread over the coming months with short/medium/long term focus. They should have clear outcomes and focus on different aspects of your life to keep you in balance. I use headings to split mine up and keep my balance; Finance, Health, Business, Education and Fun.

5. Think of Who Can Help You?

You may not be able to achieve all of your goals on your own so don't be afraid to reach out to others for help. You'll be surprised by how many people will be happy to help support you and guide you if only you asked! Be prepared to help them with something too.

6. Stay Focused

Keep razor sharp focus on your goals and don't fall at the very first hurdle. Split your larger goals into more manageable chunks. I usually work backwards from a goal to the present day putting in place plans for the coming day/week/month between now and when I want to achieve it by.

7. Don't Focus on Failures, Focus on Success

You want to lose a stone, you have a bad week therefore you give up?! What about the pounds you've already lost? The best businessmen and women have all failed and most importantly have taken those lessons onto future successes. Focus on your achievements, it's so much more powerful for the mind, body and spirit and it'll keep you motivated to continue. Remember to reward yourself for what you've achieved; have that bar of chocolate, take your partner out for a nice dinner or buy that new handbag!

8. JFDI! (Just F**king Do IT!)

Get a nice new notebook and just start writing....anything! You'll be surprised at what comes out when you really focus on what you want. Write your goals down and be prepared to change and amend them over time. You can make them more focused over time but keep them real and achievable. Write at least 1 that scares the hell out of you and you have no idea how you will do it! This will keep your levels of motivation high and you will surprise yourself by how much you can achieve when you focus!


Now that you know this, you'll find it so much more fun to set goals.....and you'll be much more likely to achieve them!


Nikki xx

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