Learn The Energetics of Intention Setting, of Creation, Of BECOMING EXTRAORDINARY

Yes, you are worthy of extraordinary

We are all worthy.....

There is no such thing as

"not being good enough".....

Once we decide....

There is no stopping us.....

Being extraordinary doesn't mean

"I am better than you"...

I KNOW you aren't here to be average

I used to think you couldn't have it all.

We live in a world where as women we're told our limitations from an early age.......

and we believe it

We live in a world that is abundant with energy, money and all the things that we could possibly want.

We just need to dream and it is ours.

Dreams are energy.​  Every single time we have a thought, it starts a butterfly effect.

This is where a butterfly flaps its wings which starts a tornado elsewhere.

A thought, becomes behaviour, behaviour becomes things.

Our heart doesn't desire these things based on the limitations of our belief's. 

It desires them based on how much they light us up and inspire us.

Your dreams, once visualised can all be yours and bring you freedom, joy and abundance.

Being a woman who has everything she desires

is a woman who is extraordinary



When you hold the energy of belief

that NOTHING is impossible....

Your biggest desires...

Your wildest dreams...

Your exciting ambitions...

Let's uncover your biggest desires...

Let's map out your wildest dreams...

Let's achieve your exciting ambitions...




Here are some of the topics we cover over the 10 Modules: 

The Dream Designer: Learn not only what your dreams are, but how to map them out into a beautiful, inspiring, lifelong vision.

Artful Intentions:  Learn the art of getting your dreams out of your head and  into reality with fun, joy and excitement.

Wake Up: Understand what may have held you back from achieving your dreams in the past and discover how to find the courage to lead yourself now.

The Bridge: Understand how your dreams fit in with your current reality and discover how to easily create a bridge and signposts.

You Go First: Discover why it is important we lead ourselves first and then are brave enough to share our journey.




You have no idea how to get your dreams out of your head and you want to learn from someone with proven tactics.

You've tried a whole bunch of things already and you don't feel like any of them made a big difference to your life.

You've got motivation to make changes and you want to live a life  that matters to you and create it effortlessly.

You're having some success in life but you want to learn how to do it in all parts of your life.

Your life will never be the same after an experience like this






I'm currently on a journey to extraordinary.

I've turned myself into a human guinea pig and am fully embodying everything I've learnt.

It's my passion, my purpose and my mission every single day to help women like you to live their own versions of extraordinary whether that's in relationships, in their bank accounts or fulfilling their own purpose.

Tapping into our inner power and understanding how we want to reach our highest potential, and being able to share that with the world is the only way we can become our own version of extraordinary.

I learned this for myself, five years ago when I was working on my own journey through burnout, abuse and infertility.  I found a way to start my own online business, do a post graduate certificate in Psychology, get super strong in my mindset, lead with feminine energy, and begin my adoption journey.  I knew as soon as I nailed getting unstuck and getting my dreams out of my head that I needed to share it with the world. 

This is why I created Intention Mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I access the material?

You have one month to access the material and replays, and a lifetime to put to use what you learn.

What happens if I have to miss a couple of days?

It's important ​to me that you participate as fully as you can within the ten modules and attend as many of the live elements as you can. However, it's no problem if you miss a day or two because you'll have access to the replays and any recordings.

How much time will I need to set aside?

The live elements will be around an hour plus there will be some coursework to get the most out of the program so set aside enough time to be fully present. ​

I've never done anything like this before, does that matter?

This is suitable for everyone at every level. You will be guided through every step.

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