121 Coaching

Weekly 121 Coaching for 90 days.
These sessions will get you fired up, re-awaken you, explore how you currently do things and evolve a new you with more freedom, strength and resilience.
Includes weekly 121 accountability and weekly review sessions, workbooks and unlimited email access
Starts at £1,000 
(Limited to 5 people)

Strengths Review

Complete an online strengths report which will then be personally reviewed in a 30 minute 121 session with Nik.
This useful session will help you become more resilient, mentally strong, give you an understanding of what you're good at and what you may want to delegate
(Includes report and 121 session)

how to book

Book online or email for 121 Coaching Sessions either online or over the phone. 

Nik draws on over 15 years of streamlining businesses and helping individuals to live your life with more freedom, be more productive, create more time and money

is it for me?

You should be in a place ready to make real strides towards changing your life or business.  These coaching sessions can prove immensely powerful so long as you are willing to do the work and are serious about taking action. These coaching sessions will push you out of your comfort zone but you will be guided and supported all of the way. 

how can it help me?

We have a wide amount of expertise in both business and assisting individuals.

Using Positive Psychology, proven psychological techniques and industry best practice tools we explore and focus on your strengths to help improve a wide range of issues including:

  • Reduce your stress levels

  • Improve your time management

  • Increase your resilience

  • Systemise your business

  • Work on your mindset

  • Remove limiting

  • Increase your income

  • Utilise your strengths 

  • Improve your focus and accountability

  • Help grow your business

  • Get more time

  • Have more freedom

Using our extensive knowledge and using positive psychology we will guide you step by step through the changes you need to live your life full of freedom, fun and excitement!

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